Looking Forward: CWE Plans Program Expansions to Serve More Workers


Customer Service Class graduates at Jobs to Build On partner SoBro.


As a leading provider of workforce education, the Consortium for Worker Education is constantly monitoring the changing needs of workers. Our programs evolve alongside those we serve, and we develop new programs to help New Yorkers in today’s workplace.

Jobs to Build On, CWE’s job training and placement program, was founded by the City Council a decade ago to serve New York’s most in-need workers. Each year, CWE improves the program in order to better serve constituents, by identifying underserved communities and recruiting new community organizations that could join the network and develop successful workforce programs. If additional funding is provided for the next fiscal year, CWE plans to expand the program to new neighborhoods – Southern Queens, the West Bronx, and Staten Island – and new community-based organizations. CWE also plans to add capacity at existing Jobs to Build On partners, giving more New Yorkers access to credentials programs that can improve their employability and ability to stay in their careers.

Over the last year, the Worker Service Centers program added immigration protective services to its range of programing. As this need grows, CWE hopes to secure additional funding from the City Council to offer “Know Your Rights” and “Protect Your Worksite” training services to thousands more New Yorkers at risk of immigration enforcement.

Additional funding will also allow the Worker Service Centers program to serve more worker coops, through workshops that empower these worker-owned businesses to grow and thrive.
In today’s rapidly changing economy, CWE and our network of workforce providers are growing and improving to support New York workers.