Renewing self-esteem and training for success



Lashawn Edwards came to STRIVE in 2014 looking for help getting a job, but came away with a new confidence in herself that empowered her within and outside the workplace. Edwards grew up with an abusive parent and later experienced domestic violence in her marriage. When she found STRIVE, she was living in transitional housing. She wanted to work so she could move into an apartment with her three young sons and take control of her life.

After completing the STRIVE program, she climbed the career ladder before becoming a program coordinator at the New York City Department of Investigation. She schedules trainings for peace officers and tracks expiring licenses.

With her new career and renewed self-esteem, Edwards has moved out of transitional housing and is looking forward to the future. As a survivor of domestic violence, Edwards says that STRIVE helped her gain the confidence that she needed to succeed in the workplace, and in life. “They give you the encouragement that you need,” she says. “People have to break away from low self-esteem and fear. This program gives them the motivation they need to push forward.”