Overcoming Obstacles



Samuel Fernandez told himself, “I can’t let this stop me.” The MAP Inc. participant’s life was shaken in the middle of his sheet metal pre-apprenticeship by the sudden death of his mother. Fernandez had entered the class, in part, for her. “I had wanted to complete the program and come home to my mom and tell her, ‘I am going to be a union worker.’ I wanted to see her smile and be really proud.”
MAP Inc. staff consoled Fernandez, and advised him on options to postpone his apprenticeship, but he decided to stick with it. Now he is working in a Local 28 duct shop, learning to bend metal and fabricate custom ductwork.
He hopes in the coming years to put his earnings toward renovating his mother’s home in the Dominican Republic, where she was born. “That was one of her dreams and it is one of my goals to do that for her.”