A Good Job for a New Mother



Many New Yorkers have been in Chovair Graham’s position. She had once had a good job, but now found herself unemployed and newly a mother. She knew she needed help.

Graham discovered SoBRO at a job fair and instantly felt supported. “I didn’t get any discouragement. They said ‘that’s attainable, let’s see what we can do to get you to that point.’”

At SoBRO, she received the Customer Service and Sales Certification as well as assistance getting work attire, resume support, and interview preparation. Most importantly, they helped her understand how to negotiate on behalf of herself. “I knew I wanted a certain salary, but didn’t know how to demand it.

Graham is now working with disabled New Yorkers, assisting them with employment opportunities. She feels a sense a freedom from the financial burdens of unemployment and believes she is setting a positive example for her son. Not a week or two goes by without a call from SoBRO, checking in on her progress and offering support.