Support for a Career Change



Stephanie Ramos moved to New York to be a musical theater performer. She loved acting on stage, but over time, her priorities changed. She was looking for something new and a meaningful full-time career outside of the performing arts.

“I heard about The Actors Fund and started attending so I could narrow in on what I really wanted to do,” says Ramos. “Now I’m in a new role that I didn’t even know existed.”

Actors Fund encouraged Ramos to use social media platforms to build her professional network and seek out job opportunities. When Ramos saw an interesting position at Mount Sinai Health System, she reached out to the person hiring that role on LinkedIn.

She is now a communications manager, focused on internal communications. Ramos puts her creative side to work facilitating communication between the executive team and staff. She creates videos, takes pictures, writes articles, and seeks out new ways to create two-way, interactive communication.

“What I learned about myself at Actors Fund led me here. It’s the best year that I’ve had in a while.”