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Green Industry Development

Union Architects, Engineers Inspiring the Next Gen to Go Green
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To make sure that working New Yorkers benefit from the emerging Green industries, the CWE and our community, union and governmental partners have been creating a series of workforce and business development initiatives.

Recent Workforce Development Initiatives

US Department of Labor Pathways Grant for Green Workforce Development
The Consortium for Worker Education, along with service partners SoBRO, Sustainable South Bronx, the Osborne Association, the Association for Energy Affordability and Nontraditional Employment for Women, is implementing the $4 million Green Jobs "Pathways" grant. Funded by US Department of Labor the grant has established theCenter for Environmental Workforce Training (CEWT) to recruit, train and identify employment opportunities for Bronx residents in city-wide emerging Green industries and transitioning sectors.

This initiative, supported by the Bronx Borough President through Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC) also helps local Green businesses flourish by providing support and development services for businesses involved in clean energy provision, energy saving retrofitting, pro-environmental manufacturing, materials recycling, materials re-use, and de-construction. The Bronx Green Business Network (BGBN) has been created to link program workforce training efforts to business and employer training and hiring needs. This unique business network serves a vital role in identifying job opportunities for the wide spectrum of workers prepared through the Center's constellation of comprehensive workforce development service organizations.

For Applicants

Under funding requirements, training and placement services are provided only to residents in target Bronx zip codes. To find out if you are eligible, please call:

The Center for Environmental for Workforce Training Office
105 Bruckner Blvd. Bronx, New York 10454
(718) 292-1868, ext. 5005 or 5001

BIG APPLE GREEN Industry and Business Development

To support and help in the development of New York City's burgeoning Green services industry, the CWE and our business, governmental and non-profit partners have created the Big Apple Green Network. Please visit us here: For more information or to join Big Apple Green, please call Michael Frey at CWE, 212 558.2282. Or email to

For other training and placement opportunities citywide, please visit

US EPA Award
EPA award letter
For our groundbreaking workforce and industry development activities, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand nominated the CWE for an Environmental Quality Award. The award was given to the CWE in a ceremony on April 27, 2012.

For Project information and Collaboration Opportunities
Please call Rebecca Lurie or Beverley O'Donnell at CWE, 212.647.1900.
Or email to ;

Charlene Shoen, CWE program graduate and On Force's first female installer.

Associated programs and partners
Association for Energy Affordability -

Bronx Green Jobs Roundtable -

Non traditional Employment for Women -

The Osborne Association -


Sustainable South Bronx -

Emerging and Transitional Worker Training Programs (Past initiative)
In late 2009, CWE was awarded two regional grants by the NYS Department of Labor to serve unemployed workers in the Bronx and Brooklyn. These grants were used for training and job placement in a range of local growth sectors with green jobs. Partner organizations included The Osborne Association, SoBRO, Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI), The Hope Program, Association for Energy Affordability (AEA), and Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW). In addition to training services, participants received wrap-around employability preparation and support services construction-related skills preparation through CWE's Sustainable Mechanical and Retrofitting Technologies (SMaRT) curriculum. Program successes included unsubsidized employment and registration in state certified apprenticeships, attainment of GEDs, National Work Readiness Certifications, occupational and professional certifications and referrals to post secondary higher education.