Health Care Training

CWE / SEIU 1199 Health Care Training:

CWE has restructured its health care training programs to meet the ever changing landscape of the health care industry. CWE primarily provides services to its 1199 Service Employees International Union Funds partners, including the Job Security Fund, the Labor-Management Project and, the Continuing Education Institute. CWE also provides training to the Workforce Training Academy, a partnership of 1199SEIU and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. These cooperative projects allow CWE to facilitate a complete range of workforce service classes and customized training that leads health care professionals to new jobs or to transition between jobs at hospitals and medical facilities. The training offered by CWE has been particularly important in the wake of major hospital closings involving thousands of layoffs.

CWE's current health care training programs include:

  • Job Transition Skills and Training
  • Academic and Literacy Support Services
  • Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record Training and Support
  • Computer Training
  • Medical Terminology, Billing and Coding
  • Skills Training in discrete areas such as EKG and Phlebotomy
  • Other clinical classes and review programs (such as the Surgical Technologist certification preparation course)

CWE functions as a conduit with the National Health Career Association for a variety of administrative and clinical certifications and will expand its current capacity for accreditation and training in this arena.

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