Union Initiatives

Incumbent Worker Training Programs: Forty New York City Unions offer education and training programs that are coordinated by CWE. Through December of this school year, 2010-11, over 72,000 workers are enrolled in over 5,000 classes. These are some examples, drawn from the significant industry sectors currently served by CWE programs, are:

The Edward J. Malloy Initiative for Construction Skills
Jointly founded in 2001 by the Greater New York City Building and Construction Trades Council and CWE, the Edward J. Malloy Initiative for Construction Skills program offers pre-apprenticeship training designed to assist New York City's public high school seniors become apprentices in the union construction trades. This program is administered by the Consortium for Worker Education.

Construction Skills consists of two phases - a thirty hour classroom component, followed by hands-on work in a variety of construction settings. The classroom phase, conducted at CWE, consists of a curriculum that includes construction related mathematics, area and material measurement, tool familiarity, overviews of the different building trades and their skill sets, and safety procedures and practices. Classes are taught by senior instructors from the fourteen affiliated building trades.

In the second phase the students work at various building sites, under supervision, gaining hands-on experience in tools, materials, and workplace safety. Instruction is provided by senior journey-workers from each affiliated trade. This supervised on-site pre-apprentice training takes place daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. for four weeks. Those who successfully complete both phases of the program are referred to the various NYC building trades unions for apprentice membership.

Since the program's inception in 2001, nearly 1,200 high school seniors have become apprentice members of construction unions.

  • Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York
  • Asbestos Workers Local 12
  • District Council of Carpenters
  • Iron Workers Local 580
  • Iron Workers Local 40/361
  • Local 3 IBEW
  • International Laborers Association Local 79
  • Metal Lathers Local 46
  • Operating Engineers Local 14
  • Operating Engineers Local 15
  • Painters District Council 9
  • Plasters District Council
  • Plumbers Local 1
  • Roofers and Waterproofers Local 8
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 28
  • Steamfitters Local 638
  • Tile Marble and Terrazzo Local 7
  • United Cement Masons Local 780

RWDSU Building Maintenance
Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union Local 670 conducts a wide range of building maintenance, engineering and boiler repair classes for their members working in these titles in commercial buildings.

Advanced Licenses for the Teamsters and Transport Workers Union The Transport Workers Union prepares members for promotion as train and bus operators. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters conducts CDL training for DMV Certification for over-the-road trucking and van driving. These classes prepare participants to pass the commercial driver's license tests, and to acquire jobs with local fleets.

Childcare for AFSCME DC 1707
With CWE support, DC 1707 conducts workshops to certify members to work in day care and early childhood educational facilities across the city. The curriculum includes early childhood education, nutrition and safety.

New Textile Technology for Workers United
Workers United provides classes to upgrade the skills of garment workers and to introduce them to new fashion trade technologies.

Retail and Customer Communications for RWDSU
RWDSU Local 1-S (Macys) and UFCW Local 1500 (Fairway) conduct on-site classes that provide workers with the skills that they need to interact more effectively with the public. Local 338, RWDSU is now conducting ESL and computer classes for members drawn from workers at a number of supermarkets and chain pharmacies throughout the city. The membership is predominantly made up of Latino immigrants, and their job security and ability to function effectively in the work place depends upon learning the skills these classes offer.